About Me

Senior (web|mobile) developer & Linux (and sometimes Windows) server admin based in Derby, UK.
I specialise in the development of dynamic websites, web apps & apps for mobile devices.
I'm fluent in a number of (programming|markup) languages & frameworks.

I'm highly motivated & self-taught. I'm always keen to learn new skills & master the right tool for the job. I enjoy problem solving & thrive under pressure.

I have excellent communication skills at a technical level & I'm also able to explain in a less technical manner where required, both verbally & written.

I have over 3 years agency experience in addition to many years experience working on in-house projects.

Key Language

  • XHTML (100%)
  • HTML5 (100%)
  • CSS (90%)
  • Javascript (75%)
  • RegEx (95%)
  • JSON (100%)
  • PHP (95%)
  • MySQL (90%)

Key Library

  • jQuery UI (90%)
  • jQuery Mobile (70%)
  • PhoneGap / Cordova (75%)
  • HTML5 Boiler Plate (100%)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (95%)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (95%)

Key Software

  • Ubuntu (100%)
  • Fedora (80%)
  • RedHat (80%)
  • CentOS (50%)
  • Raspbian (80%)
  • Apache (90%)
  • MySQL (90%)
  • Subversion (100%)
  • Sublime Text (95%)
  • MySQL Workbench (95%)

Work Experience

Senior Developer & Server Administrator / For Skills Limited

Apr 2013 - Present

My primary job role is to maintain the web-based software.
Seconday roles include maintaining the offline version of our software written in VB.NET. Build and maintain a mobile version of our software. Maintaining our hosting infrastructure (Windows Servers & RedHat Servers). Building internal tools (including PiStats, svnDeploy & dataLiberator).

Business Systems Developer & Linux Server Administrator / Charles Pugh Glass Ltd

April 2012 - Apr 2013

Day to day tasks included bug fixing & adding new functionality to the business system being built & used across all branches on the National Windscreens group. The system was an all-in-one system to be used for all aspects of company management from CRM, to stock control, to invoicing, to call centre job management & everything between.
Built a VOIP phone system UI & phone directory to work with the new phone system, being installed across all branches of the company.
Also responsible for the cloud server management of our 20 servers using Amazon services.

(Web|Mobile) Developer & Linux Server Administrator / Eazytiger Ltd

Sept 2009 - Apr 2012

I worked on a vast range of projects whilst at Eazytiger, including e-commerce websites, job boards, event booking systems & mobile apps. Learning the project management skills necessary to take an idea from a dream in someones head, all the way through to a fully functioning, revenue generating product. Worked with a large number of technologies & also learning new technologies. Primarily doing back-end development using PHP & MySQL, however when required, would adapt to a more front-end development role utilising HTML, CSS & Javascript (including jQuery).
The role also required me to handle administration of our Linux servers (web, mail & dns).
Also led the planning & implementation of a brand new hosting infrastructure build from the ground up for over 200 clients websites.

Spare Time

In my spare time I enjoy going on road trips. I drive to Europe most years and our most recent road trip took us to Berlin for the 2014 Christmas markets.
I also enjoy motorsport and I can often be found at Santa Pod raceway or on a karting track.

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